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Screenshot Showing Teacher BehaviorThe teacher time use instrument is a web-based data collection instrument to measure teacher time use.

TTU can be used with one teacher or an entire school faculty for the purpose of

  • self-monitoring time use,
  • goal setting for making time use changes,
  • evaluating human resource allocation,
  • conducting research,
  • evaluating teacher time use as a variable in student outcomes.

The use of teacher time is our most valuable asset for improving educational outcomes for students. Instructional time use is a potent predictor of student achievement and a valuable resource on your campus. No amount of evidence-based practice will correct for significant deficiencies in instructional time.

Teacher time for academic instruction is frequently diluted by time spent on paperwork, discipline, meetings, or supervision responsibilities.

In an environment of barriers to instructional and academic achievement time use is a resource.

Teacher Time Use

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Benefits for Teachers & Administrators

  • Determine how teachers spend their time
  • Decide where your efforts can be better spent
  • Monitor applicable comprehensive categories of time use (i.e. Instruction, Behavior, Assessment, and Paperwork Codes)
  • Identify barriers to instruction
  • Identify opportunities and provide support for time use change
  • Generate reports and graphs automatically

Benefits for Researchers

  • Monitor how teachers spend their time
  • Determine the effects of pre-service teaching programs
  • Teach goal setting and data driven decision making to pre-service teacher
  • Maximize instructional time for students and monitoring progress through efficient methods that serve as both accountability and intervention
  • Influence school culture to be one in which educators use data continuously, collaboratively, and effectively to improve teaching and learning

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