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The reliability most relevant to TTU is "interobserver" or "inter-rater" reliability. To say that TTU scores are "reliable" means that a classroom teacher would code his/her behavior the same as would a visiting observer.

Reliable scores are sometimes called "trustworthy" or "believable".

Reliable TTU scores have been obtained over several teachers and types of classrooms. But if reliable TTU scores are needed, each new teacher using the TTU system must be "trained to reliability".

Two levels of reliability training are:

  • Level 1 reliability Online training - Training takes approximately 2 hours and includes a Quiz to check your accuracy.
  • Level 2 reliability 2nd Observer Comparisons - Follow up the online training with an observer in your class to independently collect TTU data on your teaching behaviors for 1-3 hours. Comparing your own TTU results with those of the observer will indicate whether you are reliable.

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TTU© Confidentiality & Security

Confidentiality and security are among the highest priorities of TTU©. The purpose of this document is to summarize the policies and practices currently in place for providing a confidential and secure environment for gathering, storing and using TTU© data. For purposes of the User Agreement, users refer to the district, school or teacher level users.

  1. TTU© data are the legal property of the licensing user. Data entered into TTU© are the sole property of the user entering into a licensing agreement. TTU© operators are not legally able to share the data from a user with anyone (including a district representative) without the express written approval of the licensing user.
  2. Personalized Password. Security of TTU© data are enhanced through the personal selection of password. The password is available to the user, the TTU© Facilitator, and the TTU© system operator. Access to the information for any specific user account requires use of the individual password. The greatest security risk within TTU© lies in the possibility that an unauthorized individual will gain access to a user password. All user levels using TTU© are encouraged to safeguard their own passwords with care.
  3. Encrypted data transfer. Information sent to or from TTU© is encrypted en route to minimize the remote chance that the data could be re-routed and interpreted.
  4. Unique server space. Each user sending data to TTU© has a protected and unique space on the TTU© servers. No individual has access to the information from another user account without use of the individualized password.
  5. Professional quality firewall that is continuously monitored and upgraded. The TTU© database in protected by a firewall of high professional quality. The effectiveness of this firewall in preventing unauthorized access to TTU© accounts is monitored continuously, and upgraded regularly.
  6. Use of TTU© data. Most users using TTU© have agreed to have their data added to a state research database funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of this database is to document large demographic patterns, and to allow users to compare their ODR results with similar groups of schools (elementary, urban, etc). You must agree specifically to include your data in the Research Database the following considerations are important.
    1. All user names are deleted before data are transferred to the research database.
    2. The research projects summarizing the information in TTU© comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), (34 CFR 99.31(6)).
    3. The research projects summarizing the information in TTU© have been reviewed and approved by Texas A&M University Internal Review Board for Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46).
    4. All data reported in research reports and presentations are done in aggregate format that prevents the identification of individual users.

We welcome questions and comments related to confidentiality and security of information entered into TTU©. If you have additional questions, or suggestions please contact our Support Team (